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Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Attorney in Davenport, Iowa

Kevin L. Halligan

Kevin L. Halligan

Attorney at Law

I've always been passionate about representing the underdog. When a negligent employer or uncooperative insurance company is standing between you and fair compensation, give me a call. At Kevin L. Halligan P.C. Attorney At Law, I fight for those injured in workplace accidents, car crashes, and other devastating incidents. If you've been injured in Davenport or Bettendorf, Iowa, or Rock Island or Moline, Illinois, contact me today. I'll set you up with a free consultation. Together, we can start pursuing justice and the outcome you deserve.


"When you need to level the playing field against an insurance company, I'm ready to be your quarterback."

Attorney Kevin L. Halligan

Don't Let an Injury Threaten Your Future

Accidents happen. However, some cause more damage than others. The aftermath of a car crash or failed medical procedure can leave a lasting impact on your life. If you've recently been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, your physical, emotional, and financial future may be at risk. Start working with a skilled personal injury attorney to seek the outcome you need.

At Kevin L. Halligan P.C. Attorney At Law, I've dedicated my practice to defending those injured in accidents throughout the Quad City area. Whether you've suffered a minor sprain or a major brain injury, I'm ready to help you fight for fair compensation. Reach out to my office when you're ready to start paving a path toward a brighter future.

After an accident-related injury, your main concern should be your health. Allow me to shoulder your legal burdens while you focus on recovering. My background includes defending clients against insurance providers and other third parties in their fights for compensation. I'm able to put my experience to work for you after a truck accident, animal bite, or another injury.

As an attorney licensed in both Iowa and Illinois, I am able to represent clients who were injured in either state. Don't be forced to pay for an injury someone else caused. Let's work together toward your ideal results. Contact my office in Davenport, Iowa, today to schedule a free consultation. I also serve clients in Bettendorf, as well as Rock Island and Moline, Illinois.

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You Have Rights as an Injured Worker

Suffering an injury is overwhelming enough. When it happens at your place of work, the situation can become even more complicated. If your employer, an insurance claims adjuster, or the workers' compensation system is failing to provide you with proper benefits, put an attorney on your side who knows how to efficiently fight for your rights.

Companies have a tendency to prioritize their own interests over the health and well-being of their employees. If your employer's negligence led to your injury, you deserve to hold them accountable. Contact me at Kevin L. Halligan P.C. Attorney At Law when you need to pursue workers' compensation. I represent clients injured by falling objects, heavy machinery, and more.

From my office in Davenport, Iowa, I help clients navigate the often complex workers' compensation process. Whether you need to file a claim, communicate with your employer, or appeal a denied claim, I'm prepared to help you seek results. Don't let a workplace injury take more from you than it already has. Discover how I can help you fight for fair financial compensation.

At Kevin L. Halligan P.C. Attorney At Law, I defend the rights of injured employees throughout the Quad Cities. Reach out to me after a construction accident, repetitive stress injury, or another on-the-job injury. Let's work together to get you back on your feet. If you live in Bettendorf, Iowa, or in Rock Island, or Moline, Illinois, contact me for a free consultation.